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Thread: Ebay Blues pt 3

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    Default Ebay Blues pt 3

    Preivous link story

    So, without trial have found me guilty, refunded the thief the monies paid, and then left me negative feedback., apparently can't do anything, as the case was opened in I'm given no representation, the deceitful messages from this buyer aren't even looked at, as well as the obviously manipulation he has used.

    Have a look at my ebay profile sometime, same name foil_guy, so you can avoid this crook. Regarding the Ebel ATP Watch beatdeadhorse5:

    What's maddening is why anyone could honestly believe him. Thank god courts of law ain't run by Ebay.
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    Sad to hear all that's gone on Paul, maybe one day this guy will get what's comeing to him!

    Ebay really stinks when it comes to one sided, frustrateing bad deals!

    Have a beer and try to think of nicer things to get your mind off this creep.



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    the Monies annoying but not really the issue, it's just how he was able to get away with it.

    Deep breath and forgot about it eh! Sound advice John

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    Default Agree with John

    Unfortunately it's all to easy to forget the many honourable people you deal with and that one sod that come along now and again is the one that seems to come to mind.
    Sure your feedback will always be 100% with us

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    its pants on. "

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    Default The potential for....

    abuse on ebay never ceases to amaze me.

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    You have probably covered this angle, but did the dirtbag pay using PAYPAL? I think you can raise a dispute with them.

    I might be wrong, but aren't they a different group from Ebay?

    I've had an issue with a seller before that claimed to be UK based, but was in fact going between UK and Germany and buying from and selling on He was a nightmare to get a refund from, but PAYPAL resolved this for me.

    If all else fails sit back and have a beer


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    Default By the sounds of it, Ebay might not have come to a final decision on the matter yet,

    By the sounds of it, It seems like paypal has escalated the dispute to a claim... which means that paypal freezes the funds in question until a final decision has been agreed upon... so even though the funds are not in your paypal acct, they could still be reimbursed to you if you can convince them that you're not at fault...

    Call paypal directly, not ebay, but paypal... and ask to speak to a human.. (ie a supervisor) You can get their number from their website, but i don't know if they will have a UK specific contact or not..

    Explain the situation in complete detail... but before you do , take the advice about determining the weight of the package when it was shipped back to you... the weight should be marked on the outside of the box.....if the box was lighter than it should have been when it was dropped of at the post office (ie there was no watch inside the box to begin with), you have a good case to present to paypal.... as well, since the sale was through ebay, you may also be eligible for sellers protection... so defiantly get in touch with them....

    Good Luck!!


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    I had the same sort of transaction with an assh....
    I had to file a police report to get my refund.
    Follow Paypal steps one by one. Always talk to someone at Paypal.
    Keep records of their name and hour & date.
    If you win your case, you'll get your refund and Ebay will erase any negative feedback from that transaction.
    Good luck

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    I feel for you. I've been "shafted" twice by eBay in recent years much the same way. They suck!
    Regards from Sunny San Diego................Tom

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    Call your credit card company and get a chargeback. Be prepared to submit documentation on how you got scammed. A police report should solidify your case. Paypal and eBay are subsidiary companies so there's a good chance that PP will also rule against you. Your CC company may be your last recourse in recovering your funds. Good luck!

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    You can certainly speak to a ''human being'' on Paypal in the UK and I have found them very good and sensible in the few problems I have had.

    Ebay is a different animal, crooked and corrupt is the word that comes to mind, possibly a branch of the 'Mafia'

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    Default Sad outcome....

    Sorry to hear this is how it has ended up!

    Thanks for the heads up on the German buyer... with selling a few of my ATPs, I may not offer the 'worldwide' postage...


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    I feel for you mate. I too have had a couple of bad experiences whilst selling on Ebay. As a result, I sell very rarely now and even then, mostly list as collection only. Some people are so untrustworthy now. Morals seem to disolve at the first sign of a chance to swindle people out of money or goods. It really does make my blood boil!

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