I do most of my web work in HTML5 and I use a good HTML editor to develop files. Sometimes I'll put something up on my site or on eBay but then decide to sell it here instead. Or perhaps to post an article from my blog. It's a pain to copy HTML into a forum post and then convert in by hand into vB code but we have to the forum doesn't convert all HTML properly. So I went looking for automatic converters and found "Cool HTML to BBCode Converter".

Conversion is done on-line here: http://www.seabreezecomputers.com/html2bbcode/

Here's how my source HTML for an eBay item looks after conversion but with no tidying up at all. Quite good, really. I'll probably use it in future, since I'm not very au fait with vB code.


2006 Marathon Navigator's watch MIL-PRF-46374G

Patch commemorates Shuttle Atlantis' flight to rendezvous with Mir, including the crew transfer of Shannon Lucid. Mission #STS-76 marked the first flight of the SPACEHAB pressurized module to support Shuttle-Mir dockings. Spacewalkers Linda Godwin and Michael Clifford conducted the first U.S. extravehicular activity (EVA) around the two mated spacecraft.

Patch comes free with the watch!

A nice example of this popular U.S. Military watch, made in accordance with MIL-PRF-46374G type III. Six-year old tritium vials on the hands and markers (orange at 12) still glow well in the dark. Bi-directional rotating bezel, excellent for showing a second time zone or for counting mission time. A vial in the bezel pip also glows in the dark but not as brightly as the others. Light scratching on the acrylic crystal, not really enough to need polishing (scratches are not as deep as they look in the picture), so I've left it as-is.

Stainless steel snap-on back, gasketed inside, with all the correct markings as required by MIL-PRF-46374G. Date shown is the Contract Date, not the date of manufacture. Some marking from the nylon strap and a little paint worn off the brass crown at the ends of the grooves.

The movement is a Swiss-made ISA 1198 one-jewel quartz. It "hacks", i.e. the seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled out to adjust the time. A brand new Renata 395 battery has been installed, good for about 2 years.

Comes with an original cardboard box with a bar-coded label and a small instruction sheet. The watch weighs 44g (1½ oz), including the black nylon strap, and is 40mm wide (across bezel), 48mm tall and 13mm thick.

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