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Thread: Need Hamilton 6B, GS, US Type1, RAAF data...

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    Default Need Hamilton 6B, GS, US Type1, RAAF data...

    Hello all,

    I am updating my database on the 1960s to 1970s Hamilton series of navigation wristwatches. If you have any version of these watches what I need to know is the following...

    1) Type Choose from one of these categories...
    G.S. "Tropicalized" Cal.8758 movement
    G.S. "Tropicalized" Cal. 684 movement
    G.S. 24hr dial (sterile case back)
    G.S. "Tropicalized" A.D.D.F.
    G.S. "Tropicalized" K.A.
    U.S. FAPD Type 1
    R.A.A.F. large R.A.A.F. font
    R.A.A.F. small font

    2) Movement type...either Cal. 75, 8758, or 684.

    3) Inner case serial number... the format should look like this 1 XXX XXX

    4) Dial configuration... British 6B with Hamilton name, 6B without Hamilton name, G.S. standard, G.S. 24 hour, US/RAAF type

    5) Watch serial number...6B, K.A., R.A.A.F. (give serial number off caseback)

    The 6B-9101000, G.S. 24 hour, R.A.A.F. do not have inner case back markings. You can just PM the info to me. Thanks in advance for any info that you can supply.


    James D.
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    Default I have 6B & a GS

    The 6B is 6B-9614045

    serial147407 movement S75S signed dial .

    I have owned this since the early 1970s

    The GS is 24hr dial sterile I am not at home so can't give the numbers now but movement S75S

    I have also sold a S75S to a fellow mwr.

    It would appear that the 8758 is a long held misconception and published in numerous books including Whitney.I also agree that on many watches the S is nearly closed.

    Every one I have seen has 75S under the balance this being a Hamilton designation on an ETA movement.

    After several material house enquires both in the US and the UK none of them could come up with a Hamilton reference for 8758.


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