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Thread: Quote, from another thread! . . .

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    Post Quote, from another thread! . . .

    Previously I have quoted a post from a different thread, but now I can't work out how I did this!

    I do recall that there were Select and Deselect options . . .

    Any help/advice please.

    Best regards,


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    Post T E S T . . .

    Okay, I've finally figured it out! . . .

    From the post that you want to quote, first click "Multi-Quote This Message" and then also click "Reply With Quote" . . .

    Then go to the other thread that you wish to post in and click "Post Reply" and also "Quote this post as well" which now appears . . .

    For example:-

    Quote Originally Posted by dave View Post
    Can anyone please give me any info, or links, or PM, on the white dialled version of the IWC Mark 11?

    I know very little about these other than, apparently, they are not of MoD/RAF origins, and the dials are made from brass, and so lack the anti-magnetic shielding properties of their black dialled cousins.

    Also what style of hands should be fitted?

    Best regards,


    Sorted! . . .

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    Default Quote from another thread

    Very good information

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