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Thread: benrus gg-w-113 repair

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    Default benrus gg-w-113 repair

    Hi All,
    will someone please tell the correct method for removing th movement from a benrus GG-W-113.It has the DR2F2 with hack and split stem.It has been suggested that crown is pulled until stem detaches at joint and then crystal is "pumped" out.I absolutely love this watch and this all sounds very drastic!Info comes from a watchmaker,but another thread talked about a crystal lift.
    I am a total ignoramus therefore am confused,please help
    excellent forum btw.

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    That's pretty much it, although, you can use a crystal lift to remove the crystal instead of popping it off with a pump. Either way, you have to have a crystal lift to re-install the crystal when you are done.

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    Default Crystal lifts...

    Here are some different styles of crystal lifts needed to remove/replace this type of plastic crystal.

    I prefer the 3-jaw model on the right because it can apply more even pressure on the circumference.
    Have a replacement crystal handy, as there may be an unseen crack on the rim. These tools need a bit of 'feel' by the operator to avoid overtightening.

    The plate is for holding the unmounted crystal before grabbing with the tool. The plate keeps the tool jaws up just a little bit from the bottom of the crystal so it will fit into the case groove.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks Guys,
    I think it was "pull the crown until the joint separates" that got me worried!!
    regards Dan

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    Default Not a good idea to pull the crown

    You want to rotate the crown so you can slide the
    the two pieces of the stem apart.

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    My crown kept coming completely out of the watch too easily when I pulled it out gently to reset the time, so I put a drop of Loctite on the tip and now no problems. Probably not recommended, but it worked for me.

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    Cool Still confused/concerned BENRUS

    So Guys,can I have the definitive answer,is it ok to pump the crystal off after pulling the crown/stem-half apart or should the crystal be lifted,stem aligned and then movement taken out?? Or am I paranoid that their all trying to wreck my lovely Benrus gg-w-113?!

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    If you are going to replace the crystal for sure, you can use a crystal lift to remove the crystal, then see if the movement will drop out when the stem splines are in the correct position.

    Many cases are made so the stem will not uncouple by sliding them by and will always have to be pulled apart.
    Try to 'pinch' the crown off by hand first, if this does not work...

    Many repair shops use tweezers etc to pop the crown off and this is Ok but it may mark the case.
    I mostly use one of two methods:
    If there is a lot of room between the case and crown (in setting position), I use a tapered popsicle stick (!) with a groove in the tapered end to straddle the case tube and pop the crown off.
    If there is not room for the stick, I use a single edge razor or utility blade with the sharp edge blunted and a groove cut in it to go between the case and crown. Line the blade with masking tape on the case side if there is room.
    A thin knife blade with a notch will work fine too.

    There are three problems with this method:
    The crown will go in orbit when it pops off so you have to be careful.
    Prying the crown off this way will always result in the crown/stem being levered to one side but I have never had any trouble from this in 1000 (more or less) pop offs.
    Sometimes the female end of the stem will break.

    Vintage Hamiltons are one brand to be extra careful with as the female stem will usually break if the crown is popped off...always try to slide them by.
    Vintage front loader Omega dressy Seamasters aka 'rustmasters' have crystals with a slight flange at the top that holds the bezel on the case and the compressed air method should be used to pop the crystal and bezel off at once. Prying on the bezel usually results in a bent bezel and ruined crystal. Many 'experts' (I am being kind) use standard compression ring crystals as replacements on these watches and the bezel sometimes falls off because there is no flange at the top of the crystal to hold it on.
    When replacing an oem crystal, slide the bezel up on the crystal from the bottom just far enough to leave a little bit of the crystal protruding and press it all on at once with a crystal press.
    The bezel will reduce the od of the crystal a little bit to help it start in the case.
    If you press the crystal in first and then press the bezel over it...this will stretch the bezel (gold) and scar the crystal flange at the top. A steel bezel will just scar the flange.

    You see a lot of 'rustmasters' with bezels mia.

    Back to the Benrus...
    After the crown is off, use a Bergeon 5011 etc to pop the crystal off. Anything will work as long as it has enough pressure and low volume.

    I use a Bergeon 5011 but have seen crystal pumps made with a portable air tank and a few fittings. You need an air nozzle with a needle or something that will fit over the case tube...I have seen nozzle kits with needles at Harbor Freight in the past iirc.
    Put 15 psi (+/-) in the tank and open the valve between the tank and hose to fill the hose.
    Turn the valve between the tank and hose off to limit the volume.
    Put the needle/adapter over the case tube and push the release button on the blow nozzle.
    With luck the crystal will pop! off. If not, increase the pressure a few psi and try again.
    Always close the valve between the tank and hose before popping the crystal off so the volume will be low and use a hose two or three feet long because I would not want to run much compressed air by a hairspring.

    Pardon the long winded post. (pun!)

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    Default Thanks from a new member

    Wow,thats pretty definitive! I want to say thankyou to all who took the trouble to reply,really been a great help.
    regards Dan

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    Default Crown

    I don't mean to bring up an old thread...
    But the best way to remove a split stem from this type of watch is to remove the crystal, and gently pull up on the dial and mechanism whilst turning the crown. You will break nothing doing it this way. When you get the crown in the right plane the movement will fall out.

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