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  1. Well, I might as well be the first here too!
  2. We are no longer confined to just one off-topic forum (more)
  3. Sure is roomy in here
  4. Rich that ain't me on the beach.
  5. I have tried to upload an avatar but option is not available..Help?
  6. Can't get the Hybrid mode to work to show the threads
  7. Holy Crap! - 450Kg Squid! - Fortean!
  8. Ahhh. a Junior member! It makes me feel so young!
  9. Since we're getting a lot of complaints on the new forum software...
  10. Plonky-- Just read the news. What will you do now?
  11. I think Ace Nimrod is in da house!
  12. So this is the smartest woman in the country?
  13. Any suggestions on a good travel alarm?
  14. DE Blade shave-out results...
  15. Well I guess I'll come around...
  16. Test
  17. I just want to say one thing.
  18. Nice work on the ...
  19. how to get to see all replies under thread starter
  20. No job at the palace for me (more)
  21. Audiophiles: Help me with this very embarrassing senior moment!
  22. Testing, still:
  24. how to post a pic? seems i cannot do it? cliff
  25. A little tip for denim enthusiasts
  26. The best movie that will NOT get an Oscar
  27. East London, family reasearch
  28. Any Baseball (beisbol) fans out there??
  29. Job slots in the local paper
  30. How disjointed would it be if we had a Legacy Forum called "Unplugged" (more)
  31. A sobering thought about watches
  32. Thread drift...
  33. The GIGN wheel gun question
  34. For those who are worried about being a 'Junior Member'>>
  35. I sent Bill a message. Is there a flag that waves when a message appears?
  36. Travel Info Requested: CDG to Gare du Nord
  37. Richard, This made me laugh..
  38. State of Virginia Apologizes for Role in Slavery . . .
  39. Billy - have you seen this site?
  40. I fucken hate chelski. dirty cheating bastards
  41. Lewis (from Morse)
  42. Has anyone heard from Andy from Honolulu recently?
  43. Grrrr.... my ski races cancelled due to snow,,, (more)
  44. I got to tour the Sinn factory last Friday
  45. "With all this global warming, I have to use AC non-stop"
  46. Vacation destinations?
  47. Gary, say it ain't so....
  48. Patek's For Sale
  49. Something just rattled my windows!
  50. Hey Richard, my 8 month old digital camera "broke" .... Aren't you happy?
  51. Stock market drop: Can anyone explain
  52. Best car polish
  53. Servicemen forced to sell medals
  54. One of the most moving things ...
  55. Spyderco Sharpmaker
  56. When someone is looking over your sholder
  57. Dog with College Degree Called to Court . . .
  58. James D., I have some watches ready for you. Please drop me an email.
  59. Fritz, knife arrived today!
  60. F22 Raptors Zapped by International Date Line
  61. Gen.Lemay's Randall A Holy Grail....>
  62. Complaint/comment
  63. Phone Sex lines
  64. Tax question for my daughter. . .
  65. Thoughts on Chronic Re-sellers?
  66. Beer Launcher
  67. Infinitely-adjustable Chair
  68. Crazy T Shirt Day..
  69. Howto post pictures help request (more)
  70. Need good website to buy folding knives . . .
  71. The new MWR Main Forum.
  72. My Summer Watch Shop in Colorado
  73. Melissa, Are you near any of the unrest?
  74. Now that my Remington shoots half an inch at a hundred yards...
  75. Anna Nicole's Casket May She R.i.p.
  76. Bad guys practicing?
  77. I missed the Discovery Channel last night, What was the outcome of the Jesus theory??
  78. Combat Camera/ Not to Be Missed!!
  79. shaving
  80. So what's a website worth??
  81. This arrived from Germany today....
  82. Blood, shit, tears and piss
  83. has anyone around here a high-res-scan of the old spirotechnique-logo?
  84. When dvd's stop playing on the computer??
  85. Luggage Tag Solution
  86. Met a nice American chap this morning
  87. FBI Misused Patriot Act Powers -
  88. Japanese Superhero guys in red & blue thongs? lofl...>
  89. SureFire Flashlight Question . . .
  90. Top Gun North Korea
  91. Anyone use a razor like this ?
  92. NIMBY - Not in my backyard - wankers!
  93. Politician sacked for honesty
  94. Fancy a nice family film?
  95. Letter to the Editor
  96. Dive computer info & recommendations
  97. Padlock recommendation anyone?
  98. The media are picking on the Royals again
  99. possibly i can get MORE BUND pilotīs knives!!!
  100. Aston Martin has been sold
  101. Has anyone seen the new film the 300 yet?
  102. Kukri Lovers:
  103. If anyone hunt & looking for a Labrador Retriever pup
  104. Sales of medals must be having some effect
  105. A good reason not lend out your bicycle....
  106. How To: DIY $10 Macro Photo Studio
  107. Tradgedy close to home..........
  108. 4 years for a mans life.
  109. Where's my post?
  110. MWR raffle prize winners
  111. The British
  112. I'm posting from the middle of the Mojave desert
  113. Patek's Sold
  114. Good video to watch...
  115. Bicycle frame failure update...
  116. Passive smoking
  117. Did I tell you I just bought a new motorbike?
  118. Probation service
  119. Hell - as explained by a chemistry student
  120. New Police Car paint job "NWS"
  121. Saw "The Departed" last night ...>
  122. Attitudes to Iraq and Afghanistan
  123. Big trouble brewing Britain v Iran
  124. Amazing stuff they can do now-a-days.....
  125. Slavery 200
  126. Just saw Borat
  127. Police
  128. A pet peeve......
  129. The Unit and watches
  130. What do you guys think of this?
  131. Question: LAPD fiction...
  132. Bye,
  133. Military cutbacks??
  134. Royal Air Force Merchandise Soars Into Stores
  135. Filling Binoculars with Nitrogen?
  136. Lab pups anyone?
  137. Okay, now that we have this Thread thing taken care of, Scott . . .
  138. New LAPD Flashlight
  139. Bill Gates v. General Motors
  140. I noticed I'm a "member" no longer jr. also I'm in the move mode now...
  141. I just finished watching "Dogfights" on the History Channel
  142. taking orders for BUND pilotīs knives again
  143. Here's something new and of possible interest
  144. For you Yankees Fans . . .
  145. Score today at Estate Sale
  146. show your MWR patches!
  147. Longest job interview(s) ?
  148. No worries about the tritium, but watch out for the algaecide!
  149. POW Code of Conduct
  150. "Out of order" for one and a half weeks...
  151. How 'bout them Tennessee women?...
  152. buying cell/mobile in UK?
  153. Iran set to free the British sailors
  154. Hey James......Good news......
  155. And All I wanted to do is Retire and work on Watches
  156. completely OT: Rolex Cellini question
  157. Happy Easter everybody
  158. Just bought a Kodak V570 digi-cam >>>>
  159. Peter Cook - Superthunderstingcar
  160. Suggestions for Home Page
  161. For you New Yorkers .>
  162. I saw a dogfight today
  163. Legal question; Irish inheritance posibility
  164. Pizza Poll.... Chicago or New York Style??
  165. Has David Hicks ever been discussed here?
  166. Newbie!
  167. Lighter fare, for your amusement...
  168. Man can't influence climate!
  169. Irish inheritance, follow-up..
  170. Is Morse Code still used in Aircraft communications
  171. I just got this in the mail (PG)
  172. Issued sunglasses
  173. Frame Cracks in Glocks . . .
  174. real mccoy leather jackets - can anyone lead me to their website?
  175. RIP, Don Ho.. yes the original "Ho".. beloved Hawaiian singer..(more)
  176. WTF? Why is this happening so often, now?
  177. BUND knives update
  178. Become a helicopter rescue crew from the comfort of your desk
  179. Anybody used Guns America or Gun Broker.com to sell firearms on line?
  180. Joe in Boston -
  181. Yearly offering for Habitat for Humanity...definately Off Topic!!
  182. Discussed before? Why digital/quartz are not such a great idea
  183. Microsoft Office 2007
  184. This evening's dinner was served >>>>
  185. Spent the weekend 4WDriving. NSW in drought
  186. James - Saw "Hot Fuzz" today......
  187. ANZAC Day in Australia
  188. Going to the Magic Kingdom...
  189. Bund knives - calling BrianG and RobP
  190. 5yrs on MWR ... would have never dreamed >>
  191. Who has a 'tache?
  192. Ten minutes well spent....
  193. Scuba certification
  194. The day the Don went quartz
  195. Joined the Club
  196. Shaq Attack Rabbit Feet!
  197. Too good to keep to myself...
  198. [MUSIC] The real Da Vinci Code
  199. Bye
  200. OT: Flashing Motorcycle Headlights
  201. I'm selling the Buell
  202. test
  203. Richard .. Rick (Geartrain) >>>
  204. Stop smacking your Apple Laptop
  205. Kirkland dog food recall >>>> Got this in the mail today >>
  206. scuba diving in Ohau
  207. What do you prefer ?
  208. Interesting new magazine...
  209. Our baby was born today .. 4 weeks early. >>
  210. Paypal Account question
  211. Hello from newbie!!
  212. Video Camera Recommendations
  213. If you're on an Army base, you may wnt to think twice about ordering pizza >>
  214. One dangerous BABE! ...>
  215. Another Franken Rolex.
  216. Hello
  217. Pix from bike ride today...
  218. Att Smitty
  219. Drty Diaper Disposal (DDD) >>>>
  220. Happy Mother's Day to Melissa and any other mom's out there!
  221. Anyone tried these digital macro attachments? (link)------>
  222. It's official, 'the Class" has been dismissed....
  223. Looks like the Nigerian scammers have moved to Japan...
  224. back from a week in hospital....
  225. What a beautiful day for grilling >>>>
  226. Does anyone have a pic of a Rolex GMT Master they'd be prepared to share?
  227. The zulu gods spoke to me tonight >>>
  228. Help Needed For A Rolex 168000
  229. Need help IDing a snake...
  230. For the Bond fans...Sing along with Shirley!
  231. How about them REDSOX!
  232. Best MP3 player ? ... any recommendations >>>
  233. Today is my fuggin Birthday . . .
  234. Pay Pal Question
  235. Just found out that my great uncle won the Military Medal in Ypres in 1916
  236. I really get jealous when I see all these grill...
  237. Memorial Day
  238. Tonight's Special - Grilled Pizza (images)...
  239. I miss Nixon, *CAUTION REDSOX CONTENT*
  240. Any US MWRine with an ebay account...
  241. I need some help with stocks
  242. Just reading about "Orde Wingate" WWII
  243. Biggles matching Orange Slimline Companions
  244. Well, today I got pulled over by Police.
  245. Just took my first trip in an ambulance...
  246. Eiffel Tower hosts scuba-diving lessons
  247. For all the cops that visit the forum...
  248. Is paypal crashed er what!
  249. It's Commander Cecil now!!!...
  250. Boston Guitar Fest 2007 (June 5-10)